Cruises with all-inclusive drink packages lures teenagers in 2014

Cruises with all-inclusive drink deals lures teenagers in 2014

When you think of older teenagers and holidays, you instantly think of places like Magaluf, Marbella and Ibiza because these are ideal destinations for nightlife, drink and the sun. However, things are slowly changing, as 1-in-5 teenagers are now starting to choose cruising instead.

It’s not just teenagers though, as young adults aged 16 to 24 are considering a cruise rather than a beach holiday, and looking at some of the new all-inclusive drink packages and entertainment, it’s easy to see why this is.

Back in 2013 the number of people within that age range was much lower, and so it shows that cruise lines have adapted to a younger clientele because it is a significant increase for those young adults considering a cruise in 2014.

The Metro reports that because cruises are starting to get more affordable – as long as you don’t go for a balcony or above – and with a bigger push for all-inclusive drink packages, more young people are becoming attracted by the thought of a cruise.

However, we have to wonder how much these people will be able to enjoy such a cruise when they are used to partying all night and sleep during the day at the beach? Okay, so they can spend time by the pool during the day, but then they will not get to experience different cultures by getting off at each port.

Are you aged between 16 and 24, if so are you warming to the idea of a cruise in 2014 rather than a beach holiday?

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  • Darryl Wilson

    I took my first cruise when I was 24 and instantly regretted not doing one sooner. It was an awesome experience being able to wake up in a new place every day. The value is unbeatable – transportation, food, and accommodation – included in one package. Although I’m not a party person, there is plenty of partying available on the ships until the wee hours of the morning and then you can lounge on the sun deck by the pool with waiter service and all the food you can eat to cure a hangover. It’s hard to beat a cruise vacation!

  • George A.

    Young people and alcohol does not necessarily mean excess and chaos, does it? In many family settings some alcohol is normal, and nobody gets drunk (much less wasted). If those young adults know how to drink responsibly, there is no need to worry too much.