New Carnival Triumph class-action lawsuit twist

New Carnival Triumph class-action lawsuit twist

It seems as though Carnival Cruise Lines is not happy with some of the claims being made in regard to the Carnival Triumph class-action lawsuit, as they have recently refuted claims that have been made. They were also unhappy with how the issue was used in a CNN Anderson Cooper 360 segment earlier this week.

The story of the Carnival Triumph has been well documented since the fire broke out on the ship, and we also know that Carnival has spent several hundred million dollars on making certain that such an issue would not happen again.

However, that does not help the lawsuit because those issues were not addressed, but things have taken a new twist because there are confusing reports that the ship was already at risk from fuel leaks because of how the fuel line was shielded.

It seems that the CNN report points out the fact that the affected fuel line was not shielded, when it should have been following issues that happened with a Costa ship before the Triumph incident.

However, Carnival Cruise Lines says that this is not true and that it was shielded where it needed to be, and if it were not then the ship would not have been able to meet SOLAS requirements.

Cruise Critic takes an in-depth look into this lawsuit, and explains why Carnival is refuting these latest claims.

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