Caribbean vs. Middle East cruises ambition for 2014

Caribbean vs. Middle-East cruises ambition for 2014

When it comes to one of the most popular cruise destinations, the Caribbean would be at the top of most peoples list, especially during the winter months for many countries in the northern hemisphere, as it is a way for them to escape the cold weather. However, it would seem that the Middle East is on the up and is ready for the next big push in 2014 to also become a major destination.

We have seen the Middle East become a popular holiday destination in recent years thanks to a huge investment in the region, and so comes as no surprise that Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman are all stepping up a gear to make this a more appealing cruise terminus.

The three members of the United Arab Emirates are to put more investment into new cruise terminals, or to upgrade current facilities. However, no matter what these parties do, there is still the biggest issue, and that is with the whole visa process.

It would be a shame for visas and security issues to stunt the growth of the Middle East cruises, especially when a big push has been planned starting in 2014.

However, what the region does have going for it is funds, as there is not a lack of it like there are in other parts of the world. Let us just hope that the Middle East is able to overcome its troubles to make this a more viable option because it would be a shame to miss out on such a wonderful part of the world.

Thanks to SMH.

Do you think the Middle East will be able to take the fight to the Caribbean as the preferred cruise destination?

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