Disney 2014 cruise still desired from Southampton

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When it comes to families with young children looking to book a cruise, then one choice we have to recommended above all else would be a Disney cruise if you are looking to book for 2014.

Those of our readers that have visited a Disney hotel know how good the experience is for children and if you mix that with cruises, then something truly wonderful can be found on a family cruise with Disney.

The problem for those that don’t like to fly cruise – one of the best reasons for taking a cruise from Southampton is simplicity mixed with baggage allowance. Taking a flight will be a lot harder if a family cruise with a lot of baggage, and this is almost certainly the case for long cruises with big families.

Cruising in the UK from Southampton solves the above problems and makes life less stressful for families, which is hard enough work already without the stress of a fly cruise.

The issue with a Disney cruise is where they depart from and at the time of writing there’s no Disney cruises leaving Southampton in 2014. This fact hasn’t stopped forums filled with the desire to take a Disney cruise from Southampton.

We have seen a number of people commenting in forums and wondering if there’s a Disney 2014 cruise from Southampton, or at the very least when Disney plan to offer something like this. “I know a Disney cruise ship left Southampton a couple of years ago, so I am wondering when this will happen again”, said one commenter. Another added, “Come on Disney, there is massive demand for a Disney cruise ship to sail from Southampton and we are waiting to give you our money”.

Would you like to see Disney cruise from Southampton? Leave comment below if you would like to see this happen in 2015, and if so what Disney cruise ship should leave Southampton?

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