Costa Concordia latest on passengers Captain left


The latest news update in regard to the Costa Concordia involves how many passengers the Captain left on board the ship once he had disembarked, and it only adds to the bad picture being painted about Francesco Schettino.

You would think a Captain would make sure everyone was off safely before leaving a sinking ship, in this case Costa Concordia, but if news reports are correct then it seems that hundreds were left on board Costa Concordia after Captain Francesco Schettino left the ship.

The Costa Concordia salvage process has already been detailed in just 60 seconds thanks to a time lapse video, and now all attention has turned to the court case and outcome for the Captain.

Some of Cruise Ship News readers might remember the hard talking coastguard official that could be heard telling the Captain to get back on board the Costa Concordia, as she was sinking. This audio went viral online very quickly and revealed a quick look at mistakes being made by the Costa Concordia Captain.

No matter what the facts are in this case, the viewpoint of many cruise goers is clear and they would never want to be on board a cruise ship with a Captain that doesn’t put their passengers first.

Francesco Schettino has now faced the very same coastguard official in court and Sky News has the full report, so take a look and let us know how you feel about the current court case and Francesco Schettino in particular. Do you blame for the cruise brand, the Captain or both?

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  • John Dustan

    I blame the Captain and his superiors i.e. the cruise brand. They have cost the industry a fortune! It takes a long time to build a brand but……