Norwegian Cruise Line tease Hawaii excursions


Facebook and other social networks continue to be one of the best tools for cruise lines to keep fans interested in destinations, cruises and more. Norwegian Cruise Line know this and most recently are teasing a number of tours, which includes Hawaii excursions visualised within photos.

One such photo can be seen on this page that Norwegian Cruise Line uploaded to their Facebook page. This particular photo talks about Snorkelling the Molokini islet.

You can see the lava flow, brush up on your hula, or even hop aboard Pride of America and spend another 7 days in paradise. There seems to be an endless amount of things you can do on a Hawaii Cruise tour, which just happens to be the hashtag NCL promote with their photos at #HawaiiCruisetour.

Another visual tease for Hawaii excursions included the photo below and this Facebook message, “Dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls await as you drive along the Ko’olau Mountain Range”.


Did you go on a Hawaii Cruise tour with Norwegian Cruise Line, or another cruise company? If you have been on a Hawaii cruise, we would love to hear about the places you visited in the comments.

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