Carnival update cruise training after Costa Concordia

Carnival Cruise Lines refund policy amended

Carnival Cruise Line is looking to improve safety for cruise passengers by improving the training of crew, and this move comes after a number of incidents and of course the Costa Concordia disaster that saw a captain brought into the spotlight after questionable choices.

The sinking of Costa Concordia cost a number of cruise lines a lot of money through people not spending on cruise holidays, only a small percentage that were worried after the incident, so Carnival Corp. plan on spending millions of dollars to restore confidence in crew, cruises and to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Costa Concordia news update- Captain facing manslaughter trial

Carnival will launch a new facility in the Netherlands where they have agreed to purchase land in Almere. The cost will be around $50 million, according to Bloomberg, and shows Carnival’s commitment to training and safety with Simulator Maritime Training. We hear that the complex is to feature four engine room and bridge simulations.

The investment hasn’t stopped there, cruise goers can also feel reassured that Carnival Cruise Line will spend around $700 million on other safety improvements like fire prevention. There has been a number of incidents making news headlines over the past couple of years that include the Costa Concordia sinking, cruise ship fires and electrical faults.

Carnival will spend millions on helping preventing things like this by increasing backup generator capacity on all of its ships, and of course paired with improved cruise training and fire prevention.

How do you feel about Carnival’s investment in cruise safety, and does hearing this news make you prefer to travel with a company like Carnival?

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  • John Dustan

    My concern has been with the apparent lack of commitment (to the passengers and crew) and the lack of moral fibre of the Captain and surely those to he reported to.Spending money is good but character is better. I blame the top management for appointing a playboy as Captain.

  • addiefleur

    The problem was not emergency procedures because the crew followed them and did a great job, the only problem was that captain.

  • kim

    When dealing with the threat if fire….carnival has got to ban smoking in all rooms and room balconies. I have had hot ashes burn my hair from self absorbed passengers flicking their ashes overboard.