Norwegian Getaway social campaign intensifies

Norwegian Getaway social campaign underway

You know that the Norwegian Getaway will soon enter service and begin the first of her itineraries in 2014 because her social campaign is now well underway. When you visit the Norwegian Cruise Line Facebook page there are a series of images and captions.

It is easy to see the Getaway has been generating a lot if interest because of the reaction by way of comments on Facebook. It’s not the same as the countdown for the Breakaway last year, but that countdown was different because of it being the first of a new class of ship.

There are images of the Norwegian Getaway successfully completing her sea trials, a lovely image of two people relaxing at the Vibe Beach Club, which is one of the first places we’d visit once we have been at sea for a day or two.

Norwegian also asks that you sit back and take in the beautiful sunset while having a drink at Sunset Bar. However, we can’t help being drawn to the image of a couple of empanadas that has been prepared at Norwegian Getaway’s Flamingo Bar & Grill.

There is a lot to love about this new ship, and don’t think she will be exactly the same as the Breakaway, as a few changes have been made following a few suggestions from passengers.

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