Medical Cruise Ship jobs 2014 open days in UK

Medical Cruise Ship jobs 2014 open days in UK

Searching for cruise ship jobs is not as tough as you would think, although it can be if you were thinking of going into the medical side of things. Being a ships doctor is a huge responsibility because you are at sea, and even though you have a vast array of medical equipment, you’re still far from home.

If you feel as though this is the career path that you would like to take and have a good amount of experience, then there is a chance for you to get a job on a cruise ship as part of the medical team.

The Carnival Group have a series of open days in the UK in 2014 and will take place on the Oriana and Queen Mary 2.

The dates for the Oriana are Fri 17 January, Sat 15 February, Thurs 13 March, Sun 4 May and Fri 30 May.

Dates for the Queen Mary 2 are Queen Mary 2, Fri 20 June, Mon 21 July, Wed 20 August, Mon 8 September and Wed 8 October.

When you are on ether ship you will then be taken to meet the medical staff and visit the facilities, as well as being able to ask any questions you have.

More details on these 2014 Cruise Ship job opportunities can be found here.

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