Freedom Ship construction requires $1 billion in funding

Freedom Ship construction requires $10 billion in funding

The biggest cruise ships on the sea are the Oasis Class from Royal Caribbean, and many of you will feel as though this is big enough for cruise ship. However, to others the bigger the better, but not for a cruise ship because it would just be too busy and also would limit the ports it would be able to visit.

What if you could have a bigger ship but was more as a floating hotel and so would not call at any ports? This is the vision of Freedom Ship International, which is in the process of trying to get the Freedom Ship construction started.

All projects require funding, and this larger floating hotel is no different, but whether the company will achieve its $10 billion in funding is anyone’s guess.

We can understand why getting the funding is so tough because investors need to find out if there is a need for a ship that is capable of holding 50,000 people at any one time.

Some of the unique Freedom Ship features include it being more than a mile in length, an airport on top like that of an aircraft carrier, homes and business offices, shops, schools, baseball stadium and so much more.

It’s been reported that in order to kick off the Freedom Ship project the company needs to raise $1 billion to start construction, with the other $9 billion as the project progresses.

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