Costa Concordia news update on captain trial

Costa Concordia news update on captain trial

The trial of Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia is still ongoing and is unlikely to reach a verdict anytime soon. This was never going to be a fast trial because of the complexities of the case, and the fact that Schettino’s lawyers have done a good job in presenting their case.

The last news update in the Costa Concordia captain’s trial was a few days ago, which detailed how there was evidence that Schettino might contemplate committing suicide as he took in the magnitude of what had happened on that fateful night.

However, what we are concerned about is how the captain was sat on a rocky shelf talking to someone on his mobile phone instead of helping with the rescue effort – who was he on the phone to?

The latest to give evidence in the trial was Dimitrios Christidis, who was the second in command on Costa Concordia. Christidis had asked the captain what he was doing, in which he replied he was trying to organize help, but Christidis said there was nothing that could be done from that rocky shelf.

Following those claims, Schettino said he would not have taken his own life. There is far more to come from this trial, but for now you can read the full report from the Telegraph.

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  • carlsbadianofcalifornia

    Italian government can sure reach a conclusion with only circumstantial evidence for Amanda Knox, but this Slime Ball and his lawyers are still thinking they can get him off. How about that good ole Italian justice with Berlusconi? This is why, I won’t go to Italy and recommend no one else go. Laid back country and justice. Give them credit for their technology in transportation. I also recommend steering clear of all cruise ships, including Princess, Holland America, Cunnard, and Carnival, (all owned by Princess). Oh wait, we all want to die aboard a big, infected petrie dish!.