Regal Princess ship changes compared to Royal princess

Regal Princess ship changes compared to Royal princess

The Royal Princess began taking passengers back in April of this year, and even though there have been a few teething issues, overall the ship has been well received. Reviews have been very positive for the latest ship in the Princess Cruises fleet, which can only be a good sign for its sister ship.

The Regal Princess is set to join the fleet in the spring of 2014 and Princess Cruises has taken this opportunity to learn from the launch of the Royal and so will be making a few changes to its design.

Don’t expect any major changes to the Regal Princess because they are only minor tweaks. The company has listened to some complaints from passengers who have been unhappy that the Royal Princess does not have a promenade deck or even an aft pool.

It was obvious that designers would miss some things, and so at least they are able to rectify this with the next ship coming to the fleet. It will be interesting to see just how much improvements will be made to its design.

More details on these changes can be found on Cruise Critic.

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