New Royal Caribbean drink package deals and prices

New Royal Caribbean drink package deals and prices

Celebrity Cruises has been allowing its passengers to enjoy a selection of beverage packages, which works out far cheaper in the long run for those who tend to drink a lot while on one of its cruise ships. This added extra proved so popular that Royal Caribbean introduced it on its ships about a year ago.

However, it was clear that the drinks package was not as well received as Royal Caribbean had hoped, this was because if one person in a cabin wanted a drinks package, then all passengers in that cabin would have to purchase one, which was rather unfair.

Royal Caribbean improves drink package deals for late 2013, and 2014 – The new deals means that if one passenger in a stateroom wishes to purchase a package, then they can. Prices range from $20 to $65 a day. The mind boggles at any one person spending more than that a day on drinks – unless they love drinking a lot of fine wine.

The four new unlimited drink packages from Royal Caribbean are as follows, The Royal Replenish Package, The Select Package, The Premium Package and The Ultimate Package. Prices are $20, $40, $55 and $65 per guest each day respectively.

You can see a breakdown of these packages in the image above.

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  • Peter Wellman

    Sounds fantastic, gives the customer a lot more choice as well as offering a package for those who do not drink alcohol but want something more than just fountain soda