Last minute cruises from Florida for November 2013

Last minute cruises from Florida for November 2013

When booking a cruise most of us plan several months ahead, some even a year. While this is a good idea to guarantee the room of your choice, the downside is paying full price. It is for this very reason why several of you choose a different option, and that is to book a last minute cruise.

We know we cannot discuss every single last minute cruise, as we will be here for months. However, what we can do is single a departing port out, and needs to be one where you know the weather will still be pretty warm this time of the year.

Last minute cruises from Florida for November 2013 – It was rather obvious that we would choose a port that will offer cruises to the Caribbean because it is still in the high 20s to early 30s – far better than here in England. Okay, so we know it is not going to be all sunshine and there are risks of a few showers and storms, but that is to be expected in the Caribbean.

We have used a service that searches all the top companies, such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean to find what cruise ships are due to set sail during this month. Remember, this is pretty much as last minute as you get so you need to get a move on.

To give you an idea of just how cheap these Last minute cruises from Florida are, you can get a 5-night cruise from as little as $180 – what are you waiting for book here now.

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  • Robin Clarke

    Woah, a five night cruise from $180 is very low, yeah youll have to pay for flights, but i doubt you will find a holiday for cheaper than that