Preventing Cruise ship extra charges in 2014

Preventing Cruise ship extra charges in 2014

So you have your cruise all booked up for 2014 and thought that all you will need to spend after that are a few excursions. Well, if you are a first time cruiser, then you are sadly mistaken because once you are on the ship and ready to set sail the company already has its claws firmly in you.

Cruise ship companies are at a constant battle with each other, and as such have had to push prices very low, but that does not mean you are getting a great deal. This is because they have plenty of other ways to get that money back from you, so you need to be very aware of this.

One of the worst culprits are specialty restaurants, as these are an easy way to get more money from passengers. Many years ago the food on a cruise ship was high class and so there was no need to spend extra on dining.

However, with the number of people on a cruise ship the food in the main dining halls and restaurants is not what it could be, this is because it has to be cooked in high volumes.

Cruise ship companies know this, and so lure you in with these top class restaurants and we have all tried them. However, when you take into consideration the cost and how many times you might be tempted to use them throughout your cruise, we would advise you to stay away if you are on a tight budget.

There are several other things to watch out for, and so there is an informative article that looks at other ways to avoid those extra charges on cruise ships.

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  • Pluto

    An OPTIONAL specialty dining experience is one of the worst culprits?? Your first sentence is missing the word “for” before “a few excursions.”

  • Anna Perrott

    i recommend going on a shore excursion on your own, if you go with the cruise line it can be pretty pricey. The only problem is you will have no assistance so you will need to be a pretty confident traveler, just plan out what you are going to do before you go on the cruise.