Cruises for special needs checklist form required by agents

Cruises for special needs checklist form required by agents

When choosing a cruise there are so many questions that people ask, this could be because of various reasons, such as they prefer a quieter experience or families want to know what facilities these ships have for kids. However, these questions become even more important when you have people with special needs, these include children or adults.

We know that when looking for cruises for special needs families most cruise lines do a wonderful job at explaining their services, with one going above and beyond. However, there are still instances where the right questions are not getting asked, and even worse, those that have been asked have not been given the correct answer.

An interesting article has been looking at what are the two most important questions, which are “How can I help you? What do you need?” However, what worries them is how agents are not coming up with the right answers, or not evening guiding people with special needs.

We do know that most cruise lines have a huge source of information on their websites, as well as the ability to print this information out. However, agents are now being asked to download the special needs form for consumers and then study them so they will be able to answer the questions given to them by customers.

The form is a checklist and will inform what kind of products and services cruise lines offer for those with special needs. It is the hope that any questions asked will then be answered. Okay, we know agents will not be able to answer them all, but at least they will know almost everything, and if they get stuck then they just have to contact the cruise line.

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