Titanic 2 maiden voyage movie claim shows naivety

Titanic 2 maiden vogue movie claim shows naivety

When we first learned that Australian business tycoon and politician Clive Palmer was putting his money up to build the Titanic 2, we did not believe it for one moment. However, with the news that he has met with Chinese ship builders, another company in charge of the design and its safety features, and also conducted model tests of the Titanic 2 ship – well it does seem like the real deal.

However, there are still many of you out there who doubt Clive Palmer’s intentions, as you believe this is just a media stunt for his political campaign, and seeing one of his recent stunts would make you think that.

We still believe that the Titanic 2 maiden voyage will go ahead, but we do wonder what is taking so long for some of the finer details to come out? Having said that, we have only just learned more details about P&O Britannia, and that cruise ship will launch a year before.

Every now and then Palmer does come up with a comment that makes us wonder if the ship will go ahead. He has registered Palmer Pictures and could make a movie based on its maiden voyage. Looking at a recent tweet, we have to wonder if the new movie will be called Titanic 2: The ship where dreams come true?

Where we think his claim about the movie shows naivety is where he said that his version would be better than James Cameron’s movie. Palmer also states that actors from Hollywood, China and Europe have expressed their interest to star in the new movie.

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