Changes to Holland America Line 2014 cruises

Changes to Holland America Line 2014 cruises

The unrest in Egypt earlier this year had forced several cruise ship companies to cancel several of their cruises and to make changes to their itineraries. Many had thought the political issues would have been resolved by now, but the problems for the country are far from over.

Holland America Line has decided to extend the cancellation of cruises to Egypt, and as such has made changes to its 2014 cruise season. Instead of sailing to Eastern Mediterranean, the company has redeployed the ship, ms Noordam to central and western Mediterranean.

HAL is in the process of contacting passengers who will be affected by these changes, as well as travel agents. You will have the choice to choose from any 11-to-14-day itinerary from the new Holland America Line 2014 cruises itinerary in Europe.

Cruise Critic says you will have the same stateroom category and shipboard credit. Those who had selected a longer cruise will also be offered an alternative.

It is obvious that this news will not be well received because passengers were looking forward to visiting Egypt and its amazing culture and wonders. However, they cannot blame HAL for this because it is out of their control.

We do feel for those passengers affected by this because Egypt is a wonderful place to visit, although we do prefer a Nile cruise rather than a day visit to Cairo or Luxor.

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