Disney cruise ships environmental impact is reassuring

Disney cruise ships environmental impact is reassuring

The only thing that we see with a cruise ship is all the nice clean bits, but it is what goes on behind the scenes that have concerned Friends of the Earth’s for many years. This year they have released their 2013 Cruise Ship Report Card, and things are still not good.

In total 16 cruise lines were graded on their green credentials, and while things have improved, there are still some companies not doing enough. More than 1 billion gallons of sewage was dumped into our oceans last year, so if you have concerns, then you might not want to cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines, as they were the worst offender.

162 ships were studied and there are still a few ships that rely on waste treatment technology that is more than 30 years old. It is for this reason why Friends of the Earth is asking that tougher rules are imposed to save our oceans.

It would seem as though Disney is doing its bit, as they were ranked the most environmentally responsible cruise line, which meant they now have an A grade for sewage treatment. What impressed Friends of the Earth is that this is the only line to have scored an A overall. The reason that Disney did so well is because they have an advanced sewage treatment systems, and to help those green credentials even more, when one of the fleet is in dock they switch over to shore-based power.

The worst offender is Carnival Cruise Lines, who received an F for sewage and C-minus overall. This is not a good score at all, but what we do find strange is how other cruise lines they own scored better.

Cunard got an A for sewage treatment, Holland America and Princess received a B and B- respectively, and Costa and P&O both got an F.

Will these grades affect your decision as to who you choose to cruise with?

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  • http://www.disneydaybyday.com/ Sean @DisneyDayByDay

    Interesting, glad to see Disney is taking care of the environment.

  • Viv

    Good on Disney for this. Maybe they’ll concentrate on installing ‘man overboard’ alarms next and on CCTV cameras all around their ships perimeters and so prevent families’ ongoing suffering, through no information on the suspicious disappearances of their loved ones from these cruise ships.