Quantum of the Seas offers unique fitness options

Quantum of the Seas offers unique experiences

There are three new major cruise ships planned for 2014, the Norwegian Getaway, Regal Princess and finally the Quantum of the Seas. It seems fitting that Royal Caribbean’s newest ship will be last because she is the one with some of the best innovations, as she is loaded with some unique features.

The problem with some of these unique features is that they will entice you to be even more lazy, as you take in the entertainment, food establishments, bars and so much more. However, as a way to keep you active there is the gym, which most cruise ships already have, but Quantum of the Seas offers something a bit different.

The famous sports star Dhani Jones has a position within Royal Caribbean, as he will be the new Sports and Fitness celebrity expert adviser on their new cruise ship. He will have a huge amount of input into the fitness options onboard the Quantum of the Seas, so will decide what activities passengers can look forward to.

He will share this role with Genevieve Gorder, an interior designer. Having these two people involved is a huge deal as they will share their expertise to offer the latest in fitness trends to passengers, which will then be realized in the new Quantum of the Seas SeaPlex sports zone.

We’re told this will be the largest entertainment complex on a cruise ship, so you can understand why Royal Caribbean is excited by this. There will be no more excuses to put weight on while on a cruise, although you just need the motivation to get started. More details on this announcement can be seen in the video below.

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  • Jo Cunningham

    Loving the ideas that they are coming up with on ships – if every cruise line is constantly bettering each other, when are where will it end?!