Carnival cruise ship lifeguard jobs debated

Carnival cruise ship lifeguard jobs debated

A sad incident on a Carnival cruise ship has raised the debate of lifeguards by pools on cruise ships once again, but many of us know that it is not a simple dispute. A 6-year-old sadly died a few days after he had drowned in a pool on a Carnival Cruise ship. Efforts were made to revive him, but they were unsuccessful.

The child was spotted in the pool by a passenger and raised the alarm, with another passenger jumping in fully clothed to try and save the child, but was sadly pronounced dead shortly after.

As you would imagine the scene was crazy, people were praying for the child’s life, while all others could do was stand and watch helplessly. CNN reports that the Miami Dade Police are now investigating the incident, which is presumed to be accidental.

We’ve seen many comments across the Internet about who is to blame for such a terrible tragedy. This has also raised the debate about Carnival cruise ship lifeguard jobs once again, as well as lifeguards on cruise ships as a whole.

All cruise ship companies have a strict policy that there are no lifeguards by their pools, and as such have signs to explain this. You are asked to supervise your child at all times.

Many of you will wonder why they have this policy, but this is so they are not sued if there was a lifeguard on duty and someone was to drown. This is something most cruise ship passengers know, but it still does not stop them from asking why.

If you were to go to your local swimming baths or a water park they all have lifeguards on duty, so what makes cruise ships so different?

Do you think that it is now time that the likes of Carnival Cruise Line changed their policy, or are they still right to have no lifeguards. The thing is, Carnival cannot be responsible for everything, and so it is up to parents to fully supervise their children.

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  • John Campion

    There definitely has to be lifeguards on board cruise ships – what happens if no one is a trained first aider? There should be more parental responsibility admittedly but no lifeguards – that’s ridiculous!

    • mom2wesley

      Perhaps you haven’t cruised before. If you had, you would know that there are doctors and nurses on board each ship. Therefore, your comment is a moot point. If you went to a hotel pool, there most likely won’t be lifeguards there either. This whole issue boils down to lack of parental responsibility. Period.

  • mom2wesley

    People should watch their children. Don’t take them on vacation if you don’t want to watch them. Why is it the cruise lines’ responsibility to provide personnel to do the job of the parent? This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m sorry that someone lost a child, but instead of finding fault with the cruise lines, they should realize that this was TOTALLY THEIR FAULT. As to a previous comment about a lifeguard being there to provide first aid, I think that is a stupid comment. There are doctors on board each cruise lines for the purpose of providing first aid. Come on people, take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming others. That is a major problem with society now-no one wants to accept responsibility.