Norwegian Getaway hype increases ship expectations

Norwegian Getaway hype increases ship expectations

With the Norwegian Breakaway having received some great reviews and being enjoyed by tens of thousands of people, it will soon be time for the Norwegian Breakaway to start her 2014 Cruise itineraries. She has already passed her 100-day countdown and is currently on 94 days to go, but for some reason we have not seen the images we saw last year on Facebook.

However, the Norwegian Getaway hype has already started to increase because that all-important first cruise is just after Christmas. What a great gift for your partner, to book a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines newest ship.

If you visit the Norwegian website you will see the company has realized the huge expectations for the Norwegian Getaway ship, and as such is showing some of the best parts of the ship. These include its entertainment, bars, restaurants and so much more.

The ship will take a lot from her sister ship, but also make a few improvements in the hope of seeing positive reviews for the Norwegian Getaway. Looking at some of this information we have no reason to believe why the reviews will be anything but positive – as long as they don’t try to revise restaurant prices.

We hope to bring you some daily teases soon; we just have to wait until the Norwegian Getaway Facebook countdown begins.

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