Costa Concordia Captain trial update recalls mental state

Costa Concordia Captain trial update recalls mental state

Crew members have recently been called upon in the trial of the Costa Concordia Captain, and if we are to believe their accounts of that fateful night, then Francesco Schettino’s mental state was not what it normally was. One crew member believes this was because Schettino was lost, as it was not routine for him.

We can understand that anyone would be in shock if such a thing happened, but if you cannot rely on the Captain to remain calm, then this does not fill you full of confidence. However, Schettino’s lawyers do not see it that way and as you would imagine have argued the point and still maintain the rocks did not appear on the charts, when crew members say they do.

It is a poor defense, especially when the Captain has visited the island of Giglio many times before. However, we are still shocked the Captain is trying to shift the blame on Costa, and as such has asked for the ship to now be inspected.

Putting the charts aside, we still have to wonder about the mental state of the former Captain because the bridge was said to be too calm and that it took more than 45 minutes for the Captain to react. This delay then made it impossible for some of the lifeboats to be deployed because the ship had taken on too much water, and so was listing too far to one side.

What do you think the outcome of the Costa Concordia Captain trial should be?

Thanks to The Telegraph.

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