Predicting P&O Britannia itinerary for 2015

Predicting P&O Britannia itinerary for 2015

2015 will be a momentous moment for P&O, as this is the year their new cruise ship Britannia will be arriving. The vessel will be exclusively for Britain, meaning she will call Southampton her home, much like her sister ships. What will make P&O Britannia so special is the fact she will be the largest in the fleet, a trend that has been moving at a fast pace with other cruise ship companies.

No doubt previous P&O customers will be predicting the P&O Britannia itinerary for 2015, and one would assume it would be the same as when the Azura became part of the fleet?

With this in mind we expect P&O Britannia will be going from Southampton to the Mediterranean more than anything, and the spring of 2015 will be a perfect time of the year because the waters begin to warm up ready for the summer.

We could also expect to see Britannia visit places like the Norwegian Fjords and other parts of Northern Europe, as well as the Atlantic and P&O has hinted the Caribbean could be a possibility. Sailing across the Atlantic to the Caribbean will be a far better experience than on one of their smaller ships like Aurora, as there will be much more to do on board, which could stop children becoming bored, and many adults as well.

Will you be booking for a cruise on P&O Britannia, if so do you have any itinerary preference?

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