Viking Star cruises itinerary increase for 2015

Viking Star cruises itinerary increase for 2015

The Viking Star cruise ship is not even in service yet and there has already been overwhelming pressure to increase the itinerary. We already knew some of the itinerary, but it seems those who want to book a cruise on the new ship wanted to know all that was available to them.

We have noticed that it is not just the Viking Star cruises itinerary for 2015 that has now been increased, but also for 2016 as well. This is great news because it allows people to see what they will be able to book for those two years, although the Viking Star 2016 itinerary is only a taster for now.

Viking Star Mediterranean cruises will make up the bulk of this itinerary, allowing you to visit some of the best cities in Europe, with Barcelona and Rome being two of the best examples. These new cruises will be for the winter months of 2015, a time when you get to see what these cities are like out of the busy summer season, allowing you to see them in a more relaxing pace.

These new cruises are now available to book, which you can do so here. We have to wonder how long it will be before these ones are sold out as well, although we feel it will not be long? If the first Viking Cruises ocean going ship proves too popular we have a feeling the company will further expand this and begin a new fleet for the ocean, much as they have done with their River Cruises.

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