Royal Caribbean push cruise ship jobs

Royal Caribbean cruise ship jobs push

It will no doubt be a bitter pill to swallow for the 100 or so Royal Caribbean employees who lost their jobs earlier last month, as the company aims to recruit more staff to fill positions in various parts of their company. However, this is the way business works and it’s never going to change.

The latest Royal Caribbean cruise ship jobs push is in several areas throughout their fleet, which range from Officer’s, Technicians, Chef’s and so much more. All will come with strict guidelines and a decent amount of experience as well.

A quick visit to All Cruise Jobs shows 32 jobs to be filled, and there is something for everyone there, although some will be tougher than others. Two of which are Staff Captain and 2nd Officer.

Staff Captain requires you take full responsibility for USPH matters that relate to the Centers for disease Control Vessel Sanitation Program, and you will need to oversee things if an outbreak occurs. This job is not to be taken lightly, and so there is a list of requirements.

Being a 2nd Officer will mean you need at least 2 years experience as a watchkeeper officer, as well as making certain all safety, security and environmental regulations are met. The list of responsibilities is huge, and so this job is not to be taken lightly.

There are far more jobs than these two, with some of them requiring less of you, such as Youth Staff, Bar Supervisor, and Casino Dealer. These jobs are no less important; they just do not require the same level of responsibility.

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