New Disney Magic dining menu inspiration

Even though Disney Magic is their first cruise ship, it still has that magical feel to it, although this doesn’t mean there are not improvements to be made. Disney knows that in order to keep their most loved ship popular with those who sail on her they need to make several changes, which they have been planning for a while now and are already putting them into action.

We have already looked at some of the new Disney Magic features, such as the new water-themed area, fun-zone for the kids and so much more. However, we haven’t looked at one of the more important aspects, and that is food. We know how eating is one of the major things on a cruise ship, and so the video above looking at the inspiration behind the new Disney Magic dining menu is of interest to those who love great cuisine.

New Disney Magic dining menu inspiration

There are some fantastic new restaurants on the Disney Magic, one of which is Carioca’s, which replaces Parrotcay. They wanted something that was both elegant for nighttime dining and fun for the daytime, and we are certain the Brazilian inspired theme will do just that.

If you are looking for some of the best food from South America then Carioca’s will have them. The video above will give you an idea of some of the food items that will appear on the new menu and if you keep watching you will see some of the other Disney Magic dining options that will be available to passengers once she enters service after her refurbishment.

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