Royal Caribbean cuts steel for next Oasis-class ship

Royal Caribbean cuts steel for next Oasis-class ship

Royal Caribbean made history with the launch of their first Oasis-class ship, as this was the largest cruise ship to enter service. There are currently two, and RCI has cut the steel for the next Oasis-class ship, and there is talk of another on the way.

What makes this ship so special is its size, because she will be even bigger than before, but not by much. She will weigh 227,700 GRT and is not expected to enter service until 2016, but when she does this will open up more opportunities for Royal Caribbean.

This class of ship brought with it a host of innovations, and all these and more new stuff will find their way on the new RCI ship in 2016. STX France will be building the new vessel, and will add to the 12 other ships they have built for the company. While we do not know the name of this new ship yet, she will be known as Oasis 3 for now.

We said this will be the biggest from the class, this is because the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas weighs in at 225,282 GRT, so the new ship is just over 2,000 GRT more. We do not know where the extra weight comes from, but maybe they may take some innovations from Quantum of the Seas?

Going back to the part where we said this third ship from the class will open up more opportunities; we have been hearing some people say that having a third Oasis-class ship might be too much for the US market, and so we could see one of them heading to another country to call it home. There is a very good chance the Oasis of the Seas could be based in the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a possibility.

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  • Anna Perrott

    The cruise market growth throughout Asia and China has been growing rapidly; I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the Oasis will be catering to that demographic.