2014 cruises from Liverpool increases 2015 excitement

2014 cruises from Liverpool increases 2015 excitement

Liverpool has been making plans for several years now to improve their terminal, and while there were times when permission was not being given, it came as a shock to other ports in the country when they finally got the permission they were so desperate for.

The Liverpool terminal has taken so long to get to the stage where they are at now, and earlier this year saw the first signs of the port being used more by cruise ships. However, 2014 cruises from Liverpool are expected to be more than the port has seen for many years, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for them.

We say this because the new Pier Head terminal will not be finished until next year, and so this just increases the excitement level for those 2015 cruises from Liverpool. It is not just the port that is being renovated, as the former docklands has seen a £4 billion regeneration project over the past 10 years or so.

Going back a decade the port in Liverpool used to only see a handful of cruise ships, but since being granted a turnaround point last year those numbers have increased. According to the Telegraph there will be around 34 ships with 43,000 passengers visit the Liverpool port in 2013, this will increase to 52 ships and almost 70,000 passengers in 2014.

However, because the permanent terminal building will not be completed until 2015, these numbers should increase yet again. Do you think it is a good thing to see another UK port come back to life, and will Southampton be affected by this in any way?

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