Titanic 2 ship speed and power performance test

Titanic 2 ship speed and power performance test

Towards the end of August we reported that Titanic 2 testing was to begin on a small model so the ship builders were able to test several aspects of the replica liner, such as speed and power performance. These test have now taken place in Germany, although we will have to wait later this year to learn the Titanic 2 ship test results.

As part of the test a 9.3-metre wooden model of the Titanic 2 was placed into a 3-metre tank to test propulsion along with power testing to see how she holds up in terms of her design. Even though this ship is based on the design of another ship, this was an older ship and so stricter tests need to be applied.

We already know the technology behind the scenes will be up-to-date, while the look of the ship will be the same as the original. This means improved safety features and enough lifeboats, as well as being of the modern type.

Clive Palmer is the man behind the project, and while there has already been some Titanic 2 skepticism, he still maintains he is fully behind the project and is able to complete the project without the backing from UAE investors.

However, there are still those who believe the Titanic 2 will never set sail or even be built because it is all part of his political campaign, although we have to point out this is just the thoughts of a certain few.

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  • Jim D

    ya & im one of those few people titanic 2 may just be a publicity stunt to get clives name well known