Royal Princess cancellation sees refund and discount

Royal Princess cancellation sees refund and discount

If you were one of the lucky ones to complete a cruise on the Royal Princess cruise this year then you should spare a thought for passengers who were enjoying a 12-day Mediterranean cruise, because the remainder of it has had to be cancelled due to ongoing problems.

The Royal Princess was just over halfway through her cruise when she lost power, although important services like toilets still had power. She lost power for about 3.5 hours before power was restored, but she is now in Naples, which is where passengers will have to disembark so important repairs can be made.

Those affected by this Royal Princess cancellation will get a full refund of the cruise they are on, as well as 25 percent discount on a future cruise. Princess Cruises will make all the flight arrangements to get passengers home, although this will not happen right away because it takes time. As a result passengers will have to spend at least another night on the ship.

Cruise Critic has said Princess currently has no idea how long their newest ship will remain out of service or if future cancellations will be required before she is fully repaired. We’re also told that the Royal Princess will sail from Naples to Barcelona, where repairs will begin.

However, this gives them just two days to find the cause of the problem because the next Royal Princess cruise is on September 27 from Barcelona.

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