Norwegian Cruise Line’s Star has a singing chef

We have been on a number of cruises and our trip has been made a lot better thanks to those special crew members, which go an extra mile to make your cruise one to remember. During our reviews of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ships we have met some truly amazing people, and the same can clearly be said for Norwegian Cruise Line.

You can see a video above this article, or on Cruise Ship News if in an app, which Norwegian Cruise Line featured on their Facebook page within the last 24 hours. A NCL cruise passenger uploaded the video to YouTube and it showcases Bernado The Singing Chef.


Take a look at the just under 3 minute video below and share comment if you have seen Bernado performing on Norwegian Star, or share a comment on the performance revealed in this video. We think he’s a pretty good singer, although we cannot comment on his food, as we haven’t tasted it just yet.

Have you had a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line or another cruise company made that much better thanks to a crew member? You can learn more about the Norwegian Star on the official page detailing everything about this ship.

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