Infographic details new P&O Britannia cruise ship for 2015

Infographic details new P&O Britannia cruise ship for 2015

We knew that P&O were building their largest ship to date, but since the announcement they had been a little quite on the matter. However, they have since been very forthcoming, such as offering us the name of the new P&O larger ship, along with several other important details, all of which we informed you of earlier today.

However, as a way to offer more of an insight into the size of the new P&O Britannia cruise ship for 2015, the cruise company has released an interesting Infographic offering some key details, which you can see below.

Just how big is P&O Britannia? She can carry 4,372 passengers and 1,400 crewmembers, which is more people than the Royal Albert Hall can handle. She is so big that the Britannia has four swimming pools, 13 bars, 13 restaurants and cafes, all of which are spread over 15 decks, well not all of them.

The overall size of the P&O Britannia is 1,082 feet, which is as long as 10 blues whales, which is the largest creature on earth. To put that into context, she is longer than The Shard and the Eiffel Tower.

Because she is so large she will take a huge amount of power to move her, and so her engine can produce 62,40kw of power, which is as much as 86 Bugatti Veyrons and 70 Challenger Tanks.

You can keep coming back to Cruise Ship news for more updates as they come in, or even sign up to P&O for more details on the Britannia cruise ship.

Infographic details new P&O Britannia

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