Costa Concordia tug key in salvage process


Now that the Costa Concordia is upright we have seen a lot more insight into the salvage process and what companies were key during this operation. We already published some details on the live feed a few days ago, but since then we had been treated to a time-lapse video as seen via a previous article.

Today, we have heard a few more details in regard to the Costa Concordia salvage and its captain that allegedly tripped and fell into a lifeboat.

The Costa Concordia salvage process involved some key players and this included an important role for an Anglesey company. During the 19-hour operation one tug boat, called Afon Cefni, helped pull the Concordia upright and you might have seen this boat in the time-lapse video we featured previously.

This salvage process ended up costing around £500 million, according to reports, and the tug is still being used in a key role with plans for it to continue to help over the next few months. The BBC has featured a story on the tug firm’s role, so take a look for further details and let us know what you think of the salvage operation so far and its cost?

You can also read a news article from a few hours ago that explains how the Costa Concordia captain is now blaming a helmsman for the crash. During the trial Francesco Schettino, the captain, told the court that his helmsman failed to obey orders that ended up with the Costa Concordia going too fast and hitting the rocks. You can read more about this story here, or leave a comment below with your opinion on this latest development.

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