Carnival Cruise Lines explain brand integrity

Most of our readers would be able to tell you their favourite cruise line within seconds, and they would also offer a number of reasons why they love that cruise brand, so it is also refreshing to hear from the cruise companies themselves about why we should love them in the first place.

The video above this article has been featured on Carnival Cruise Lines YouTube channels and it talks about brand integrity. Carnival talk about fun and laughter from an early age, then touch on the fact that most of us forget to laugh and have fun.


Carnival Cruise Lines founder had an idea over 40 years ago to make cruising possible for everyone and not just the “well heeled”. He wanted the fun to be enjoyed by all and set out to do that with Carnival Cruise Lines, which the dream has truly been reached today with the Carnival cruise fleet and culture.

Do you love the Carnival Cruise Line brand? What is it you love the most about Carnival cruises, and do you have a favourite ship? Take a look at the above video looking at their brand essence, and then share a comment.

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