Royal Princess itinerary impacted with latest problem

Royal Princess itinerary impacted with latest problem

It wasn’t a great day yesterday for those on board the Royal Princess, which is currently on a 12-night Mediterranean cruise. The reason we say this is because the ship lost power for several hours yesterday, and as such emergency generators had to supply power to essential services throughout the ship.

The Royal Princess was out of power for around 3.5 hours, but at least passengers were able to still use toilets and other such services. However, there were other problems with the Royal Princess, but Cruise Critic has been told this was a separate issue.

According to the report the Royal Princess lost power as she left Mykonos heading towards Naples. However, the Captain was keeping passengers fully informed of the situation, and while we are not sure if there was any panic or mass complaints, at no time was the ship in any danger, which is good to hear.

Having said that, some passengers have taken to Facebook saying this is not the first time the Royal Princess has had issues, because there have been several issues during the past eight days, and if his is the case then Princess Cruises needs to get to the bottom of these problems before it starts to give them and the ship a bad name.

Okay, so we know some of you will say this is nothing new because they are part of the Carnival Group, but they are still a different entity and should not be looked at in the same way. Having said that, we do know that Carnival has made some huge changes and we have already started to hear positive feedback.

The Royal Princess itinerary will be affected by this, and as such the passengers would have found out by now, and we can be certain they will not be happy whatever the outcome.

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