Celebrity Cruises top 5 Mediterranean destinations

Celebrity Cruises top 5 Mediterranean destinations

Choosing your next cruise is always a tough task because of the number of choices you need to consider, such as Cruise company, destination and even ship. So we thought we would give you a helping hand and take a closer look at the Celebrity Cruises top 5 Mediterranean destinations.

It does not matter if you plan to go on a Celebrity Cruises Mediterranean 2013 or 2014 cruise because the weather is still pleasant at this time of year, and while not as hot as it has been, if you live in the UK then the better climate will be very welcome.

Once in a while Celebrity Cruises likes to offer extra information for their customers, such as excursions inspired by Ben Fogle, and now they have been looking at their top 5 Mediterranean ports-of-call.

These ports are Venice, Italy, Santorini, Greece, Istanbul, Turkey, Nice (Villefranche), France, and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

You will be given a brief description of each destination and also information places you should visit while in port, so yet more great advice on excursions. You also get recommend itineraries that will take in these ports.

We have to admit, looking at these ports we would find it so hard to tell you the best places to go, but if we have one piece of advice, then we would say head to Monaco if you are in Nice, as it is not only a great place for F1 fans, but superb just to see how the other half live.

If you have been to these places then please share your thoughts with out readers.

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