Norwegian Cruise line jobs in Bermuda proves popular

Norwegian Cruise line jobs in Bermuda proves popular

Whenever there is a good job opportunity to work on a cruise ship it is obvious there will be far more applicants than positions, and this is just the case with the new Norwegian Cruise line jobs in Bermuda.

The new positions proved so popular that 85 Bermudians went for a new job on a Norwegian cruise ship but only 8 jobs were filled. It is horrible to see the other 77 people walk away without a new job, but this is part of life, but at least it was nice to see 8 people get the job they went for.

These new positions within the company were part of a recruitment fair that took place in Bermuda in July and as such was seen as a huge success. Of the 8 jobs being offered one has had to pull out because of being offered a scholarship to study in a different country, and we cannot blame the person for trying to better himself or herself.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s new recruits will begin their employment on the Norwegian Gem, which if you are booked on her will know she is set to sail from New York on October 5, 2013.

According to the Royal Gazette this is not the end of the Norwegian Cruise line recruitment drive and will do more in the future, and may even try to improve and make it a better policy throughout the company.

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