Grand and Sea Princess compensation payments settled

Grand and Sea Princess compensation payments settled

Cruise lines hate to pay out compensation because they know they did something wrong, although in this case it is not as simple as that. Princess Cruises has had to pay over £120,000 in compensation due to two separate cases involving the Grand Princess and the Sea Princess.

More that £100,000 had to be paid out due to 48 passengers getting ill while on board the Grand Princess 3 years ago and also £20,000 to one passenger who contacted Legionnaire’s Disease 2 years ago. However, in both instances Princess did not admit liability.

In a report on Cruise Critic they say Princess Cruises decided to settle as to not pay out fees to lawyers and avoid protracted litigation, that’s according to the cruise line. In regard to the second incident, Princess said there was no proof the passenger picked up Legionnaire’s Disease while on board, but could have contracted it on one of the ports they visited.

We would have reported on these previous incidents before, but we thought you might need a little recap. 48 passengers become ill with the Norovirus bug on several cruises between April and August 2008, with the passenger’s lawyers saying the staff on the cruise ship must have known something was wrong because they had been trying to deep clean the ship.

Princess Cruises did say all of their ships are regularly cleaned and strict hygiene policies are in place. They also said if an illness like Norovirus is found on one of their ships, then a passenger not knowing they have it usually brings it on board.

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