Disney Magic family activities includes new entertainment

Disney Magic family activities includes new entertainment

The Disney Magic refurbishment has been getting a great deal of interest from those of you who have sailed on her in the past. The reason for this is because they love the ship, but understand she is starting to show signs of age when compared to some of the more modern ships from the fleet.

However, once this refit is done the Disney Magic will be able to hold her own once again against those newer ships, and looking at some of the improvements being made we can understand why.

One of the latest improvements will be to the entertainment, which will make up part of the new Disney Magic family activities, which can be seen on the Disney Facebook page, which is going strong after its milestone of a million likes.

The video on Facebook gives you an insight into the fun families will soon have on the Disney Magic following her refurb. They will have a completely new space just for families in mind called D Lounge.

We are told this will be the central location for families looking to have a dance party, take part in Disney inspired game shows, or even sing karaoke with the gang. There is also the Walt Disney Theatre, where they will have full lavish production shows.

You can clearly see there is a lot going on, so we ask that you watch the video here on the Disney Facebook page.

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