Costa Concordia salvage success in 60 seconds

Costa Concordia salvage success in 60 seconds

It’s been 20 months since that ill-fated night that saw the Costa Concordia hit the rocks off the Tuscan coast, where 32 people sadly lost their lives. There had been months of planning to get the ship upright, and that task began yesterday not knowing what the outcome would be.

Thankfully, the Costa Concordia salvage was a complete success, and what took around 18 hours can be seen in 60 seconds thanks to the magic of time-lapse video. It truly is something amazing to watch, and shows how anything is possible when engineers put their minds together.

The reason why the process took around 18 hours is because if it was done any quicker there was a risk ship could break apart, something that would have been another disaster for the small Island of Giglio. As you would imagine Islanders cannot wait to see the ship gone because it is an eyesore.

Costa Concordia’s salvage has cost around £500 million so far, which has been put up by Costa Cruises.

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