Official Titanic 2 ship marketing lacks progress footage

Official Titanic 2 ship marketing lacks progress footage

Clive Palmer has been accused of mixing his political campaign with his other project, which is to build and launch the Titanic 2 ship, and it seems as though he is at it again. While we have no issue with this because you don’t have to vote for the guy if you do not want to, we are certain his political opponents will think otherwise.

Palmer has mailed thousands of his Australian voters a new official Titanic 2 ship promotional video, and some voters who have been sitting on the fence cannot understand how such a video will help persuade them to vote for the Australian businessman, come politician.

Having said that, it is still great for those of us who wish to see the progress of the Titanic 2 ship. However, we do have an issue here because the footage doesn’t offer any actual progress, just more CGI renders, and so we see this latest Titanic 2 ship marketing as a bit of a damp squid.

We do have an issue with part of the video, because while Palmer says the technology of the Titanic 2 will be far superior to that of the original ship, the experience will be exactly the same – we hope it will not be because we all know how it ended for the passengers.

There is still a question mark over the ship, because there have been some skeptics who believe the project will not go the distance, but it is not as if Clive Palmer does not have interested backers ready to help at a moments notice.

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  • Jim D

    im a skeptic there has been no news update about titanic 2 for over a month i think this is just a publicity stunt because he is running for PM & he wants to get his name out there also there has been no photos or videos of the design process or testing of the titanic 2 model

  • Ben Hammer USA

    It is ironic that with the construction of Titanic II bucking the industry trend toward huge ships that are perilously top-heavy and devoid of charm, she may wind up leading the industry in the direction of passenger safety over payload. What better tribute could be paid to those lost? -Ben Hammer, USA

  • disqus_9wxiA0N9Ol

    ‘ – we see this latest Titanic 2 ship marketing as a bit of a damp squid.’

    Mmm …. Squid normally are damp.

    It would seem that the expression the author is struggling to recall here is ‘… damp squib … ‘ as in firecracker or ‘banger’.