Costa Concordia salvage – latest progress in live update

Costa Concordia salvage latest progress in live update

Today is the day we see if the months of planning will pay off, as the Costa Concordia salvage operation begins. This is a bold attempt to try and right the stricken cruise ship, but do not expect it to be a quick process because it will be time consuming as to make certain the ship does not break itself apart.

This will be the first time such an operation has been tried while so close to land, and if this operation works how engineers hope it will, then the Costa Concordia will then be towed away from the area, where she will be broken down and sold for scrap.

No doubt many of you will want to see how this operation goes and so the Costa Concordia progress can be viewed in a live update feed seen HERE. We’ve been playing it for about 30 minutes and as you would assume not much is going on, but we except all that will change as we begin to see the Costa Concordia begin to be righted – although we are not sure how long that will take, but 10-12 hours has been suggested.

You will notice in the footage dozens of pulleys connected to the Concordia, where she will be pulled upright at a rate of 3 meters per hour. There are also several tanks filled with water on the side of the ship with a hole in it; this will help to rotate the ship upwards.

If all goes to plan for the Costa Concordia then an equal number of water tanks will be placed on the opposite side to help counter the weight. Let us hope the Costa Concordia salvage plan does not fail because there is no plan B.

Thankfully, there has been no pollution from the ship, but the island has a huge supply of water just in case the water supply becomes contaminated by this operation. Remember, you can watch the Costa Concordia live update in the link above.

Do you think the Costa Concordia salvage plan will be a success?

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