Carnival Cruise Lines refund policy amended

Carnival Cruise Lines refund policy amended

Carnival Cruise Lines has amended their refund policy from September 2013 in the hope that all their passengers are completely satisfied, although this new refund has been amended in such a way that passengers will get 110 percent refunds as well as free return flights back home.

What makes this new Carnival Cruise Lines refund policy so different?
Carnival is calling the new policy the Great Vacation Guarantee, and to invoke it you will need to let guest services know within the first 24 hours after the ship leaves port.

It is the cruise lines understanding that you will get a true experience of the ship and its services onboard in those first 24 hours, so you will be able to make a decision as to whether you are happy or not.

Passengers can raise their new right for any reason, and if it is an issue that guest services are able to fix they will ask if you will be happy for them to do so. However, if for any reason passengers are not happy with this coarse of action then you can still invoke the new guarantee.

You will then be dropped off at the first port of call, where flights will be laid on for you to get back home free of charge and you will also receive 110 percent back of your booking. However, the 10 percent difference will be given to you as credit to use on a future cruise with Carnival.

This is yet another step by Carnival Cruise Line to make certain their passenger’s are completely happy with their experience on board, because we have already seen in the past how bad things can get.

The cruise line went through a bad patch not so long ago, but they have now taken several steps to make certain these do not happen again, and the refund policy amendment shows Carnival is committed to making certain their customers are happy. More details on this can be found on the official Carnival Cruise Lines website.

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