Royal Caribbean free drinks trick with unlimited soda


If you are considering booking a Royal Caribbean cruise after seeing the latest special offers and free drinks cruise deal, then don’t think you are getting a really good deal along with free unlimited soda. The latest offering delivers free unlimited soda for kids and free wine while you dine, but there is a massive catch that some people might not understand.

These Royal Caribbean cruise deals come up and some people wait until that happens, but this might not be a good idea. We booked a cruise on Adventure of the Seas for August 2014 for an upcoming ship review after their revamp, so this helped us gain insight into the price difference between earlier this year and now that free drinks are being offered.

Booking a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas just 4 months ago for 2014 shows big changes in price. The cost of booking the same Mediterranean cruise now, 4 months later, reveals a price hike by around £700 but you gain unlimited soda for kids and 5 bottles of wine for adults.

In a nutshell: Royal Caribbean claim they are offering free drinks for kids and 5 bottles of wine for adults, but in fact they have just increased the price to cover that so-called freebie along with a little extra profit for themselves.

This is just another signal to show you should just book, and most of the so-called free drinks are already included in the price.

We also tried to ask for the free drinks package on offer to be added to our cruise, but they state that although our cruise was booked only 4 months ago it cannot be added. New bookings only, and this is obvious as they increased the price of cruises to cover it.

Royal Caribbean state “Drinks on us! how refreshing”, but this is simply not true when you consider the above price increase. You always get what you pay for in life…

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  • craig

    I love royal. Simple fact is that no one builds a more innovative fleet. But I noticed the same thing im on indy next year is was booked five months ago I to have seen the price hike of about four hundred. It is a bit of a gimmick. Prices for rcl have been creeping up in england for a few years does anyone know why? Or is it the premium yoy have to pay for a larger better quality ship?