Additional MSC Cruises from UK in 2014

Additional MSC Cruises from UK in 2014

With one ship already sailing from Southampton, MSC Cruises understands that there is a growing market in this port and so has decided to bring a second ship to work out of the UK, which will effectively double their capacity.

The ship to come to Southampton is the MSC Magnifica and she will be based there from September to October 2014, and although this is not long, this is still a big deal for the port and UK travellers. This is because they will have a greater choice; although there is to only be four seven-night cruises from Southampton in that one-month period.

Having said that, they currently have just the one ship, the MSC Opera and if increasing to two ships in such a short amount of time is anything to go by, then we could see a third ship in the not too distant future?

With the MSC Magnifica operating from Southampton from September to October 2014 she will call at several destinations in Northern Europe, such as Amsterdam, Hamburg and Zeebrugge, with prices starting from £429 for a 7-night cruise. This price will also include free parking.

The MSC Magnifica is larger than the Opera and can hold a maximum of 2,518 guests.

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