Upcoming Celebrity Cruises excursions inspired by Ben Fogle

Celebrity Cruises excursions inspired by Ben Fogle

If you are from the UK then chances are you have heard of Ben Fogle, and for those who do not know him, then we can tell you that he has taken part is some wonderful journeys over the years, which started as a castaway on a Scottish island. He has since gone on to do many wonderful things, but his next high-profile project will be very different to his past ones.

Celebrity Cruises has called upon the services of Ben Fogle to become their destination expert because he has had the pleasure of visiting some wonderful places throughout the world. He will use his years of experience to help Celebrity Cruises passengers.

He will create a selection of helpful videos offering video guides to a selection of destinations, but he will go much further than that as well.

There are already 6 of Ben Fogle’s favorite Celebrity Cruise destination videos to look at here. We do hope there will be follow up videos because they are very short, so not much use really.

However, we are certain to get more with the upcoming Celebrity Cruises excursions, which will be inspired by Ben Fogle. The cruise ship company has not said when they plan to release these, apart from saying later this year.

What we do find strange is how he has yet to go on a cruise himself, but he will rectify this next year with a Celebrity cruise to the Baltic next year, where there is a chance for you to win a place on that very cruise, which you can enter here.

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