New Viking River Cruises ships for 2014 increased

New Viking river cruise ships for 2014 increased

Even though Nile River Cruises have been affected by the current issues in Egypt yet again, and so will cause a huge issue for tourism in the country, the same cannot be said for other parts of the world, such as Europe.

The reason we say this is because there had already been 12 New Viking River Cruises ships for 2014 on order, but the company has since increased this by another 2, taking the total number of new ships for next year to 14.

It’s a shame that River Nile Cruises are having issues yet again because people are missing out on some wonderful culture and a far more extensive history than in Europe. Then again, there is something very special about cruises on rivers in Europe, and this latest order proves just that.

Things do seem to be going very well for Viking River Cruises because they already launched 8 new ships in March, which according to Cruise Critic brought the number of ships in the Viking fleet to 35. This would mean come next year once those new orders have been fulfilled they would have a total of 49 ships.

We can clearly see Viking is doing such a thing to meet supply and demand, and shows their popularity because they only had 5 ships before 2011.

Knowing Viking is having a huge success in the river cruise industry, one has to wonder how well they will do when they get into the more competitive once they launch their first ocean liner?

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