Celebrity Cruises cancellations update, resolution in sight

Celebrity Cruises cancellations update, resolution in sight

Things have not been going well for the Celebrity Millennium because of two mechanical failures in a week, which then led to Celebrity Millennium cancelling the rest of her cruise, as well as an upcoming one. The reason for the problems was due to the propulsion system, and so the ship is now headed to Rotterdam for repairs.

The new pod for the Celebrity Millennium is expected to reach Grand Bahama Shipyard on September 4, where she will then have a replacement propulsion pod fitted while in dry dock on September 6. The reason why the pod is being replaced is because the stator part of the pod is not doing what it is supposed to do, and that is to provide electricity to the rotor.

Having already repaired the stator before Celebrity knew the pod was temperamental because it failed again a week later suffering from the same problem.

The latest Celebrity Cruises cancellations update we have for you is that a resolution is in sight because the Millennium will return to service on September 22, where she will begin her San Diego cruise, going through the Canal and on to Fort Lauderdale.

Travel Agent Central says that Celebrity will take the opportunity while the ship is in dry dock to give the Celebrity Millennium a few minor upgrades, along with giving the staterooms a deep clean to make her feel and smell a lot fresher.

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  • John Honeywell

    Rotterdam? I think not. Your information regarding resumption of services is also incorrect