Quantum of the Seas Two70 in visual teaser

There are so many new innovations onboard the Quantum of the Seas, which we already saw in the very first video preview, and one of those is Two70, which is on decks 5-7 at the stern. What makes this a different place to what we have seen on other ships is how the space takes up three decks and offers 270-degree panoramic ocean views.

It is obvious that there will be a great deal of sunlight shining through the glass, and so there are automatic window shades to limit the light. However, at night the area changes and becomes a completely different place thanks to its 13-projector projection mapping system, which you can see in action in the Quantum of the Seas Two70 in visual teaser above.

The furniture used during the day can be moved to create a new space for some evening entertainment, where you will be able to experience some nouveau-cirque-style show or even enjoy some music from the disco.

Quantum of the Seas Two70 in visual teaser

In the video above you will get to see an in-depth preview of Two70, which Royal Caribbean claims is an Architectural Marvel, and we’d have to agree.

We are amazed how RCI never seems to run out of good ideas, and Two70 is a fine example of that.

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  • Katie Gale

    This cruise looks absolutely amazing!!!! i wonder when this cruise is going to be ready so i can go on it?